Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dorothy Gale - R.I.P.

A while back, Fred's Grandma Judy gave me a kit to make my own Wizard of Oz ornaments. Included was all of the needed felt, string, beads and sequins. Easy! Piece of Cake! I decided that since my Oz collection is no longer that I'd try to make these super-easy ornaments. I'm starting to think Grandma Judy is Phyllis Newman.

It started well. I read the instructions, seperated the thread and cut out the pieces to Dorothy. At first it was hard, but I chalked it up to the instructions and kit being older than I am so surely it was human error on their part.

After 5 days, and still working on the front of Dorothy, I decided it'd be funny to only make Dorothy and give the rest back to Grandma Judy for Christmas. On the 6th day things got ugly.

I won't go into detail... but I had her entire front together before I tore her to shreds in a fit of rage. If anyone has Auntie Em's number, I need to give her a call.

Dorothy Gale, I hope your next life is better.

I threw her and the rest of the kit in the trash. This morning I checked eBay - yep.... as I somewhat expected, had I not opened the kit I could've sold it for about $60.00. Oh well - this was much more therapeutic.

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