Sunday, March 30, 2008

Little Man

He's growing like the weeds in my garden.

We finally got our pictures back from his 12-month photos shoot and boy -he sure changed a lot since then. I know all parents say this, so I'm posting pics to prove it. The first is his cowboy Elliot shot right at 12 months and the next was taken yesterday at about 14 months.

You decide.

Things we've done this week: Mock mom's hiccups, taken a step accidentally, stand for a few seconds, blow kisses by smacking forehead, got a big boy haircut and colored (and ate the tip of the yellow crayon). Whew - busy guy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Little Fish

From the beginning, he's always loved bath time. As he's gotten older, he loves to splash and play until he's shivering cold and we have to pull him out. He splashes water hard enough that water covers his entire face. Thinking this is cool, he does it to himself quite often. He also loves water being dumped over his head (how did we get this lucky?!?!).

Lately? Well- he's sticking his own head under water and blowing bubbles. Repeatedly. It goes something like this - Deep breath, face in water, blow out, out of water, laugh. Repeat.

I think Fred might want to learn how to cheer for swimmers instead of baseball players. Last time I checked, they don't play ball in the tub.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Freddie Bill is Alive!

Holy crap, I thought this day would never come!

Freddie Bill started feeling weird on Saturday morning and by Saturday night was permanently camped out on our couch asking me to kill him. Move to Sunday - he slept all day long. At one point I asked him to keep one eye on our darling son. I returned 3 minutes later to find Fred snoring and Elliot crawling under the bathroom sink. Bad Daddy.

This began what I like to call the "I'm married to a deadbeat drunk living on our basement couch" phase. Meant lovingly, of course, it was a long 4 days of having him in the house but not even awake enough to help out with Elliot. (Monday he was diagnosed with Influenza B.)

I survived. Elliot survived. And there are now signs that Fred will survive.

Oh - and our email is back.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Email...

Well. As much as we love Time Warner (yes, I am kidding), Time Warner obviously doesn't love us.

For whatever lame reason - they disconnected our email addresses today. If all goes well, we'll have our emails back some time Thursday or Friday. Hopefully, if all goes really well, they'll be the same addresses we had before!

If you send us something, it will get returned..... so don't bother re-sending until Friday.

I guess just call us if your house is on fire and you need us to save your cat.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Wheels

The Seckmans are now rolling in style - in a 2007 Toyota RAV4. We found "the one" on Thursday night and by mid-Friday the Barcelona Red Metallic SUV was ours. I posted a couple pics to our flickr site:

Much to Elliot's delight, this vehicle didn't hold his car seat very secure rear-facing, so he's now front-facing and I think it's blowing his mind. That, and he's sitting up higher so he sees more than just the sky out the back window of the Grand Prix.

Where is the Grand Prix? Well, Fred's driving it. But he refuses to refer to it as "his" car so we now have Anna's old car and Anna's new car in the garage. The Alero has ventured out to find a new family. We miss him.

Now we get to make car payments again... Yay??