Friday, February 3, 2012

Running on Empty

I think this blog has run its course.

Perhaps it'd be more accurate to say that I've run my course with this blog. 

Around Christmastime, Fred was searching our blog for something and he made the off-hand comment that older posts used to be funny.

I agreed.

And while I do sort of believe that this blog as simply grown with me, it's also the exact reason why I don't really want to blog anymore.  I don't necessarily want to share my thoughts and views and whatever else with the whole entire world (hello to the 3 people that read this!).  I find myself more often than not sitting at a computer trying to drum up ideas and stressed out that it's been a while since the last mediocre post.

That's not blogging.  At least, not what I want it to be for this space.  And I don't feel like I can - or necessarily want to - get it back to that place. 

So I'm bowing out before it becomes an annoying place of my kid's height and weight measurements, books I've read (friend me on Goodreads if you want to do that) and my level of obsession with Pinterest (it's like crack, people).  I don't want to discuss the weather or how my adventures in weight loss and depression and anxiety control are going.  I just... don't want to blog and haven't wanted to for some time now.

While I'm at it, I should probably be completely honest in that I hate being back on facebook and will likely be quitting that as well.  Again.  This time for good, regardless if I have my Something Sewn page up or not.

What I feel like doing is teaching Elliot how to tie shoes, ride a bike or memorize his address without trying to find a blogable angle.  Laugh and joke with my boys without thinking 'I should blog that!' only to be a forever forgotten task.  I want to write when I want and about what I want - and may even set up a new blog to do just that in the future.

I give a hearty thankyou to all of my friends, family and followers that have made this journey with me and hope that you understand my decision. 

So, with that: adieu, auf wiedersehen, adios, arrivederci and any other word starting with "a" that means goodbye. 

It's been fun.