Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Bathroom Story

For once I have a story about a bathroom that doesn't involve my 2 year old. It involves me.

I work in an office of about 20 ladies and as much as we'd like to think otherwise we all have to do our business sometimes. Recently, the building owners put in an air freshener (seriously, who builds bathrooms without ventilation??) that spurts out a lovely scent now and then.

Yesterday I was in there, only making a #1 mind you, and had just finished washing my hands. Reached over for a paper towel and PSSSSSSHSHT!!!

I jumped so high and even yelled a little bit. I was so very thankful that I had just gone because I'm pretty sure that would've made me pee my pants. And then I would've gotten yelled at for not "Keeping it in the Bowl." (Don't worry if you don't get that - my coworkers will.)

... Okay, so that is a lot funnier in person. Sorry 'bout that.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Add "Theif" to my Resume

Tuesday night we went out to eat so I did was any mom would do and stuffed Elliot's newest hot wheels in my purse and off we went.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning and I'm trying to get us packed up and out the door. From the kitchen I hear the following:

E: Fietwuks Daddy! Weee-oo!
F: Yeah, alright buddy! Fire trucks!

A: Hey! Did you get those out of mommy's purse? You aren't supposed to be in mommy's purse.

E: (Quietly, to F) Mommy try take my fietwuk.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sugar Buzz!

We met the Beatrice Morrisseys for dinner this week. (On Nate's birthday). Elliot's meal came with an ice cream. Elliot has historically not cared for ice cream due to the cold. However recently he has changed his mind and enjoyed quite a bit of the ice cream on this particular night. The result was a bed time sugar buzz that we decided to let him burn off instead of fighting him. He proceeded to have his own personal dance party which we were able to capture on film. Wow.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

All Work and No Play

Got this little "challenge" from someone today at work:

XAnna + Thursday = NotNearlyAsFunnyAsWednesday
Thursday(Audit) + 6π = Brain Sucking^2
-BrainSucking = Wednesday^7

Solve for X.

They OBVIOUSLY didn't know I was a math major for a few years in college. As anyone walking down the street could tell you, X obviously = (NotNearlyAsFunnyAsWednesday – ((-(Wednesday^7))^2 – 6 π)/Audit)/Anna

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pajama Day - Generation II

My sister and I had this great "tradition" in high school and even her first year of college where we would roll out of bed and proudly declare It's Pajama Day!

The rules were simple - you didn't get out of your pj's. If something were to cause you to NEED to shower that day you simply showered and got into a new pair of pj's. No exceptions; nothing but pajamas.

This week, Elliot's daycare is celebrating children by having a different theme each day. I was never more excited than to see that today was to be Pajama Day. Yes, Jen, pajama day. It is a real thing that real people do - not just something we made up like your clubhouse in the attic or the parties on the 3rd block (No, I will never forget).

I got him dressed in a spiffy new pair of pj's and convinced him that his robe should be his coat. It was his idea to wear the firetruck "syippurs" too.

We happily headed to school this way - mommy and her little man who was only missing a newspaper and a coffee mug to instantly age 30 years.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reading Circuit

Get registered quickly, the spots for the Elliot J. Seckman Reading Circuit are filling fast. Here is a sneak preview of all he has to offer.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have been marveling lately at the fact Elliot is beginning to develop a memory. It's like random memories come to him out of no where. For instance this morning.

Dad: "Elliot you are being Silly this morning"

Elliot: "Clowns......Silly Clowns....Circus.......Steppphhhh........Grandma Judy"

Dad: "Wow Elliot, that's right you did see clowns at the circus with Steph and Grandma Judy. Who else was there?"

Elliot: "Lisa"

Dad: "That's right....who else?"

Elliot: "hmmmmmmmm " and then he made an Elephant noise with his arm on his head.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egg Hunting

I was attempting to teach Elliot how to hunt Easter eggs yesterday. He did really first. Soon he became bored with hunting Easter eggs and decided it would be more fun to throw them. Luckily they were only the plastic ones.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eggs a Plenty

This last Tuesday was my 2nd Annual Adults-Only Egg Dyeing Party. We try out new ideas and techniques ... usually determining that they just don't work. The best trick, again this year, is rubber cement. It forms a completely sealed area and rubs right off when done - pretty sweet.

I took some pics of our work - enjoy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Small Conversation

Blog: Ugh. What a Thursday. I'm so bored with myself.
Me: Well, hows about we change you out?
Blog: You mean I could get rid of these ugly dots?
Me: Why yes, blog, you can! Try this on for size!

Racecar, Desserts and Maps

I am a palindrome and so is my friend Bob. You can spell my and his names backwards and they're still the same. Other types of palindromes include words like "desserts" that, when put backwards spells "stressed."

Nifty, eh?

Apparently, I should have considered this phenomenon when picking a name for my child. Elliot likely won't be so happy when he's old enough to know that his name spells toille backwards. It is a lovely fabric, yes, but kind of girly for a brute man-child. Sorry pal.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Defamation of Character

Don't listen to his lies! I never banned Fred. Read for yourself here.

Someone is an over-reactor. A sensationalize-er, if you will. Adding drama where there need not be any. Bravely crying out "woe is me!"

And - for once - it isn't me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Will Anna kick me off again?

Anna recently allowed me back on her blog, after having kicked me off a few months back. So I'll see if I can get myself kicked off again.

Last night we had Nate over for some play time with E-Train. I get so engrossed in watching the two boys play that I usually forget to take any pictures (This time I was able to get some videos). They have such different personalities but play so well its so fun to watch (I call them Bert and Ernie, I'll let you decide who is who). They are quickly turning into little boys and leaving their toddler days behind them, as rock throwing and stick fights were two of their favorite games.

On Wed. night a television show I had been watching all year featured what I (in my self anointed expert opinion) believe to be the most underrated Elton John. I am finding that few people even know this song (insert gasping noise).

Furthermore, I believe that Elton John has been almost marginalized in musical history due to the whimsical nature of some of his songs along with his flamboyant personality. People forget how brilliant the music he and Bernie Taupin made together truly is. And if you don't know who Bernie Taupin is you better have clicked the link.

Soooooooo, for your Friday afternoon boredom relief break, I present 5 minutes of Nate and Elliot accompanied by Sir Elton John. (I have likely been banned again by the time you read this post.)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blast! He's done it!

As I have eluded to here and here, I knew it was a matter of time.

This morning Elliot called out for Daddy to come get him. Fred walks into his room and opens his window shade. Turns around and Elliot is straddling his crib. He says "out now?" Two seconds later he is hanging off the rail and one more second he's on the ground standing.

Looks up at Fred and says "eat now?" and walks out of his room.