Saturday, January 12, 2008

Growing Up Fast

I cannot believe Elliot is almost a year old. I further cannot believe this time last year how big, tired and uncomfortable I was. In the last two weeks he has come so far and has even grown (I swear it!) about an inch taller. I don't know that I'm ready to see him smash his face full of a milk-soy-protein-intolerance-friendly cake in his cowboy outfit.

NOTE: For you curious folk... Yes, I do know that Fred's birthday comes first and I already have that one in the bag. Somehow turning 28 just isn't as big a deal as turning 1.

What I am excited about is seeing Jen+Dave and the Craunlets for the entire weekend after his birthday! I really need to perfect my skills of teddy bear pancakes...

Saturday the 26th is an open-house type thing for my side of the family (F's side is always more than welcome too!) since they haven't seen the Crauns in years. That is open for visitors any time after 5:30 or so. We'll be serving cowboy-appropriate fare.

Not much else is going on around here. I am going to give running a try - yes, again - and have bought new shoes and some running gear with my Christmas money. Fred is training for the full marathon and printing out labels for his Elliot James Outlaw Lager and No. 710 Steam Beer. (Those, alone, might be reason enough to hit our party up!)

Well.. I can hear Fred lecturing Elliot on attempting to stand in the bathtub so I think it'd be wise to go check on those two.

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