Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Wheels

The Seckmans are now rolling in style - in a 2007 Toyota RAV4. We found "the one" on Thursday night and by mid-Friday the Barcelona Red Metallic SUV was ours. I posted a couple pics to our flickr site:

Much to Elliot's delight, this vehicle didn't hold his car seat very secure rear-facing, so he's now front-facing and I think it's blowing his mind. That, and he's sitting up higher so he sees more than just the sky out the back window of the Grand Prix.

Where is the Grand Prix? Well, Fred's driving it. But he refuses to refer to it as "his" car so we now have Anna's old car and Anna's new car in the garage. The Alero has ventured out to find a new family. We miss him.

Now we get to make car payments again... Yay??

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B said...

I think the real color is "Sooner Red"...would you like to borrow the OU tire cover? Love the new ride...and the pics of a handsome young man (sorry..not you Fred!) ya all...Aunt B