Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am 30. It's official. And I survived to tell about it.

It was kind of a birthday weekend.. Here's the re-cap.

Friday. Fred and Anna take a day off which includes Elliot going to daycare. We went to lunch at The Cup (delicious!!), the new Quilt Museum and poked in a few kitchy quilt shops (poor Fred). Then we picked up Elliot.

Next was a surprise party at the downtown Brewsky's where close friends and family gathered to wish me a Happy Birthday. It was nice and the cupcakes were tasty!

My actual birthday. The day started with me getting to sleep in until 8 - ahhhh. We bummed around most of the morning and then I got my birthday present from Fred and Elliot - an IOU for tickets to The Lion King when it comes to Kansas City this fall! I am SOOO excited!!!!

In the afternoon I had my very first facial. I went with Stacey and had one of the most relaxing hours of my life. I should really try to have that done more than once every 30 years.

That night we went to Tecumseh for a family-style birthday dinner. We had yummy smoked pork chops, corn casserole, taters and my favorite - Texas Sheet Cake. Some kind of leafy green thing was there too but I wasn't going to touch that!

Then we drove home in the rain.

Sunday. That's today... and so far pretty low-key. I am going to a Yoga Class (my very first) this afternoon with my friend Kelly but that's about all I have planned.

So - all in all it was a nice birthday weekend. Sort of low key but also filled with friends and family. I should really get birthdays more often!

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