Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Burrito Poop

If you don't like stories about kids' poop, don't read this one.

Whenever Elliot has burritos and corn at daycare you can bet on having a "burrito poop" that night... little mushy and full of corn.

Last night, Stace was over and I was joking about Elliot always having burrito day when I'm not home that night to get the full experience of the poop. (Surely Stace has that on her list of things to look forward to when the baby arrives!) Regardless, I leave. Stacey leaves. Here's how it went when I got back:

F: (Standing at top of stairs, hands me Elliot.) Here. He's your kid now.
A: (Gives the "huh?" look and takes Elliot.) Oh no, what happened?
F: (Evil Death Ray Eyes stare.)
A: Burrito Poop?
F: MM-Hmmm.
A: Blow out?
F: Nope. Bathtub.

That's right - our little guy made his first poop in the tub and it had to be the burrito one. Fred was still home alone when this happened so he pulled shivering Elliot out and got him dressed and went back to clean the tub. As you know, he loves baths, so Elliot spent the entire time over Fred's shoulder trying to get himself and his toys in the tub since it must be bath time again (why else would Dad be running water in there??).

I wish I could have been home just to see this all take place.

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