Saturday, April 12, 2008


This week Elliot has been playing with two 'new' toys. His favorite came from Grandpa and Grandma Wenciker. It's a rocking chair that belonged to Anna when she was little. They had saved it through the years (and all the moves, thanks Grandpa and Grandma:)) and brought it for Elliot last year. We had it stored in his room and brought it out last weekend. He loves it. They sit on chairs at school so he already knew how to climb in and out. Once he figured out it rocked, LOOK OUT! He now loves to sit and rock, and tries to rock every chair he sits in now. I guess that goes to show you some things are worth hanging on to!

Also this week Mom and Dad (mostly Dad's idea) got him a Xylophone. He has one at school and loves to play with it (it's a commonly fought over toy). I never get to see him at school so I have been wanting to see him interact with his favorite school toy. Now maybe he won't be as possessive of it at school:) So now a little Elliot Zeppelin!

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