Friday, June 13, 2008

Guest Blogger? Coming Soon?

I was talking to my sister today and she informed me that while our grill is lovely, she is sick to death of seeing it everytime she checks our blog.

She's one of the folks that voted for me to quit my job to become a true blogger so I believe she's a bit of a fanatical checker. I'm sorry to disappoint her.

While I was updating today with my latest and greatest Elliot story, and complaining about not having anything to talk about she sent me this blurb:

Jen (via email): today, I would write about how I picked up two strangers from the side of the road. with the kids in the car. Zach and Anne, and drove them home [their car broke down] and they live LESS THAN a block away form me.

I asked her to be a guest blogger - I think it could be a zany good time. (I mean, seriously, WHO picks up hitch hikers??)


Erin, Kaitlyn and Henry said...

Oh Anna, that is so funny! My brother actually picked up two hitch hikers last week on his way back to NE from MT. I couldn't believe it that he actually did it. He said that they smelled really bad and that it was a long silent ride pretty much. Sounds like your sister had a much more pleasant and short lived experience. Funny.

teamcraun said...

I am so sorry I provided you with misinformation. I remembered that evening that the girlfriend's name was April, not Anne. Again, apologies.