Monday, July 28, 2008

The Apology (about 8,463 days late)

My sister is a terrible person. Just terrible. Combine that with me being terribly gullible at a young age and what do you get?

A sister that solidly and unwaveringly believes EVERY WORD out of the older sister's mouth.

She stayed home from school to watch MTV. Mom got her out of school to watch the soaps. People on the 3rd block always had parties. She had a secret clubhouse; she had a secret club that met there. The doozy of them all? We ALL share air with ONE other person. You die, she dies - she dies, you die. (I think you get the point.)

Needless to say, I embraced this and to this day have an anxiety attack if someone gets too close to my air supply. I know, I know - we don't share air (do we?) and she won't die if I have to hold my breath (will she?). The damage has been done.

Today I got the following email from my sister:

i am terribly sorry for the irreversible damage I have done.
I had no idea I was wielding such power then.
I would have NEVER made up all that horrible stuff...
especially about the tragic girl in africa that needed to share your air.

It is just awful.
Jen Craun

Should I believe her? Likely not. It's probably her idea of a joke. Next she'll tell me that she only apologized because she heard my little girl in Africa died (she didn't did she??).

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teamcraun said...

After raucous laughter, incurring a gut ache, and bringing forth tears, I have formulated a response.