Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby For Sale.. or Free.

Adorable toddler boy seeks new home full of unconditional love.

Owners must have constant supply of "cwakkers" and diligently read the "tuck buk" multiple times a day agreeing that all "tucks" are firetrucks in which case you must wee-oo-wee-oo every time.

Must possess a cat for toddler show you where its ears and tail are (by yanking on them) and also possess a "gampa" and "ganma" for him to see through the front window (and bang on until the entire house shakes).

Lately, must enjoy cleaning up puke at 2 a.m. and have a fondness for Class-A Fit Throwing (in which he excels). Over absolutely nothing. A million times each day.

Comes with clothes, shoes and furniture and gives excellent kisses.

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{B} said...

Aunt B will take him....he sounds just like Kevin at that age...(kind of you know what you really have to look forward to!) hang in only gets a lot worse before it gets that he's almost 24 and in the Navy, he's kind of fun to be around! love ya...Aunt B