Friday, September 26, 2008

Crazy Brenda, I Highly Dislike You.

One of Elliot's classmates has an over-the-top mother whom I lovingly refer to as Crazy Brenda (CB). She is that woman that constantly compares your kid to her shining example.

This episode happened this week: I dropped Elliot off and went about 10 feet away to fill out his paperwork. I hear the shining example rattling off names of the classmates. Then I hear CB say "Hmm, now if only you could get Elliot to talk."

Excuse me? Are you kidding me? I'm still within earshot, lady. And he talks just fine - he's 20 freaking months old. Just because he can't enunciate 'backhoe loader' like yours can doesn't mean something is wrong.

I really wanted to jump over the counter and say "At least my kid has all of his teeth!" HA - that'll teach her. But surely, in her best one-upping voice, Crazy Brenda would tell me that her shining example is so evolved that she's not even going to mess with all of her baby teeth.

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