Friday, September 12, 2008

I Seem to Like Writing Letters...

Dear Elliot,

I love you.

I love your crazy dancing (even when it results in cracking your skull into things). I love your crazy toddler language. I love the way you can study some inanimate object for intense minutes and wonder what you're thinking. I love the way you climb up on things but insist on help to get back down (I still get to feel needed even as you're growing up so fast). I love the way you demand crackers for every meal (or do I?). I love the way you play in the bath as though it is the most fun you've had all day. I love watching you read your books. I love how you rock on the horse. I love the way you look in overalls (and those awesomely too small Levis). I love that you are an "easy" child most days. I love that you sing yourself to sleep every night. I love that you get up sometimes at 5 a.m. (not really I don't). I love the way you ask "whassat?" to everything and patiently wait for an answer.

Most of all? I love cruising into daycare at 5:15 to pick you up. You spot me, grin widely and drop whatever it was you were playing with making a run at me (and trampling other children sometimes) yelling Momma! the entire way. I love the big hug I get when you finally reach me.

I love that that moment for today is only about 6 hours away.

Love, Momma

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