Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Missouri, You Had Me at Hello

I just love our weekend jaunts to Missouri although we just don't make them often enough. The play-by-play of our weekend has already been done here - so I'll give you some funny excerpts from the 'wise beyond his years', 6 year old Ethan:

End of a conversation about what only 'old people' do:
A: Ethan, how old do you think I am?
E: 14.
A: Nope, I'm 30.
E: Well I'm 80. Today's my birthday. Where's my present?
A: Uhhhhhhh I don't have one and today is not your birthday.
E: Yes it is and I'm 80. (Humphed in a hurt feeling way and looked away)

Fred and Bill were discussing some guy who hand-crafts Legos into various unavailable things like WWII pieces and weaponry, etc. During their exchange is this:
E: Fred. Fred. Fred! Fred! Freddie!! Fred. Fred. FRED!
A, F and B: WHAT???
E: (Looks shocked b/c full attention is on him) I do that.
A, F and B laugh hysterically.

While playing Legos:
F: I think he's an architect.
E: I know what an architect does.
F: What do they do?
E: They do things.

Trying to show Elliot how to get down the stairs on his behind:
E: (Ahead of us) Come on Elliot, I'll teach you. See Elliot, bump bump bump down on your bottom.
A: That's nice of you, Ethan.
E: I teach people. Big and Small. And older than me and younger than me.

Anna comments on Bill's over-use of crackers-to-chili ratio:
A: Wow, that looks about how much cool whip you put on a pie.
F: What? Cool whip? Oh - I get it.
E: (Holding his Indiana Jones whip) Yeah, Fred, my whip is cool.
A, F and B laugh hysterically.

There is tons more where that came from... but these were the cream of the crop.

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