Friday, October 24, 2008

Dear Elliot

While I appreciate you letting us sleep in until 4:45 this morning - please STOP this nonsense. Or at least tell me what you are needing at this hour. Because if you can't tell - when the entire world around you is dark and asleep it means its time for you to be asleep. Or working 3rd shift at Smart Chicken but I don't think that's our case.

Momma doesn't understand what your yelling, head-bashing and screeching means. I never studied banshee-speak in college. So I guess it's come to a bribe.

If you sleep until at least 6:30 tomorrow morning, I'll let you have WHATEVER YOU WANT for breakfast. Candy, ice cream, cat food - you name it, it's yours.

If you don't? I'm going to get you at 4:whatever and put you outside so Momma can get some more sleep.

Love, Momma
PS - I'll let you know tomorrow whether or not I'm kidding.

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