Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sinusoidal Tendencies

So you know how I've been complaining about Elliot's fits lately and how they seem to be ramping up over the last couple weeks? Well - - -

Dr. Jones said, in her nicest voice, that when your kid has a RAGING SINUS INFECTION its a lot easier to set them off. Their ears ache, their teeth hurt and their tummies are full of gunk. Whoops. Wonder how long that's been festering...

But the nagging voice in my brain says this isn't the sole culprit.

I've had sinus infections and I didn't resort to biting people, bashing my head into the wall repeatedly or firmly believing I can ONLY eat crackers. I never had an absolute hate for wearing anything other than a diaper nor do I have the obsessive need to go 'ow side' all day long.

So, little man, I will give a little more sympathy but don't take advantage - if you bite me again you're going to LIVE in time out. Consider that your final warning.

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