Friday, October 10, 2008

Well Shit.

The night went great - the kids were great - I got sent home with 4 caramel apples and even made it over to Tina's to pick up my sunglasses.

Drive home, pull into the garage and....

Well Shit. The f-ing key won't come out. The car is in park but it won't release the dang thing.

We tried driving it around, tried on and off and shifting and pulling fuses - all to no avail. According to my best friend Google this is a common Pontiac thing and more commonly a Pontiac Grand Prix thing. Well Shit. Good thing we ditched the Alero and kept the GP.

So much for a lazy Saturday morning. Now we'll be at DuTeau's and well shit, since we're already there let's just fix the brakes. Hey, car, did you know the economy is sucking and this is NOT what we needed right now?

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