Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Today seems to be that day every year when we actually stop for a second to be thankful. Instead of listing major, grand items I am thankful for, here are my 10 simple every day thanks:

1. Fred. Whether it's following everything up with 'your mom' or 'that's what she said' he keeps me in stitches every day. He's also my very best friend and his looks aren't half bad either. Fred also takes care of our money so I don't have to think about it any more.

2. Elliot. Nothing beats watching him swim in the tub - I swear. I love his grins and even his evil little laugh. While I do wish his legs would grow longer I do love that he can wear the same pants for a year.

3. Sienna. Just kidding. I felt obligated to put her here.

4. Family & Friends. Whether its taking Elliot for a weekend or making me Texas Sheetcake and Corn Casserole, they know me and love me for who I am. I am also very, very thankful that Lisa is doing great and even made it home for the holiday. I also am thankful for a fabulous sister and wish she'd quit all of her jobs just so she can email me all day long. I love my friends - old and new. I am thankful that Katy is back and I am thankful for getting to babysit the highly sought after Kael.

5. Clean laundry. I just love having a drawer full of clean socks to pick from in the morning.

6. My car. It's a great place to store shards of Goldfish crackers and juice cups. And was a great ride for our October trip to Kansas City.

7. Food. All kinds, all shapes and all sizes. I love eating lunch with co-workers, eating dinner at home with the boys and am looking forward to Thanksgiving Dinner today. It's just a crying shame that NO ONE in Fred's family eats cranberry sauce.

8. Cranberry Sauce. How I love thee. I've always taken for granted that the gelatinous canned goody would be on the table - but these years it doesn't seem to make it. (Come on - it's easy! Pop open the can, cut along those lovely and helpful ridges and voila!)

9. Mail. Nothing beats good old-fashioned mail in the mailbox. While I don't get much, I am always surprised by creations from Team Craun and the Craunlets. It makes me smile - and makes me wish I would return the favor more often.

10. Everything Else. This includes the books I avidly read, the NintendoDS that I constantly play, the magazines I read and even the guy that created Sons of Anarchy on TV. There's too much to list here really, but one of my favorite things ever that I am continually thankful for are the fleece, footed pajamas that Aunt Donna got me a long, long time ago. I love them. I know I am leaving more out..... like my sewing machine, my newest cute brown shoes and that I have a roof over my head.

Happy Thanksgiving - and Tecumseh, here we come!

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