Monday, November 17, 2008

Gyam-pah Yeeeeem!

Elliot's been working hard on people's names lately. Normally, the grandparents' names are kept in two parts:

Fred: Elliot, say 'Grandma'
Elliot: Gwamp-mah
Fred: Cindy
Elliot: Cienn-eee

Grandma Cindy and Great Grandma Judy were up yesterday visiting. Fred tried to get him to say Grandma Cindy but Elliot wouldn't budge. Finally:

Fred: Elliot, say 'Grandma Cindy'
Elliot: (Thinking then looks away.) Gyam-pah Yeeeeem!

We all died laughing. Gyam-pah Yeeeeem (Grandpa Jim) wasn't even there. I suppose that's his way of saying Hey, parents, I don't really feel like saying Grandma Cindy's name over and over just to amuse you so back off already.

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