Friday, February 6, 2009

Post #196

Hello, Internet! Today marks my 196th post to the Seckmans Say What? blog. It's been a fun (and educational) experience. But I'm not done yet.

Post #200 will be monumental. Huge. Innovative - wait, maybe not innovative and probably not all that huge either. But I'm going to change some things up.

A snippet: I will be conducting the first ever Seckmans Say What blog scavenger hunt. In post #200, you will be given a list of questions that you will need to scavenge through my blog to find the answers to. Anyone and everyone (even if you don't know me) can join in the fun. Why should you? Prizes, my friends, prizes.

But maybe not prizes plural. It just sounded better.

I don't yet know what these prizes are but they are destined to be fabulous. I will put all names of folks with all correct answers into a hat and choose at random the winner(s).

Only 3 more posts until the game begins... start studying!


Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

Seeings that I am your biggest fan, I expect multiple entries in the hat. And be sure to crease my entry so you can find it easily with your eyes closed amongst the other smooth pieces of paper.

teamcraun said...

oooh, I just LOVE a good game!!! :)