Thursday, March 26, 2009

Problematic Posting

I got called out last night about not blogging. And even as I whined my excuse across the table it wasn't working. I haven't been blogging - and it's not for a lack of funny things. It's a lack of memory of the funny things done or the lack of ability to put funny things into a read-able form.

How do I blog about this weekend when I got him from his nap only to find him straddling his crib like it was a rocking horse and beaming proudly while showing me this accomplishment. (Seriously, Fred, we need to get the crib down to the last notch pronto!)

I can't put into words how the Circus went (yes, we ended up going) and how I was actually more afraid of the trapeze artists than Elliot was of any of the clowns. He laughed and repeatedly called them "siwwee cwowns." Then the guy that got shot of out the cannon? Elliot didn't flinch, or miss a second. I panicked; he said "cool mommy."

The battle of wills is on every day at our house. He doesn't want a cereal bar he wants a waffle but when the waffle is ready he cries for toast. Mommy makes him eat the waffle and that is the most torturous thing ever. His life is ruined, his spirit crushed. I am, by far, the worst mom on the planet at this specific point in time. Dangit mom, you know that when I say waffle I actually mean that I want a dill pickle!

Elliot loves to mimic Fred running. Here was this morning's conversation:
A: Good morning, Elliot, want to get up?
E: No mommy, Daddy.
A: Daddy's running so you're stuck with me.
E: Daddy runeeng? Downstayr? Runeeng, runeeng, runeeng!! (Big smile and jerks his arms back and forth as though he's sprinting the 100m in the Olympics.)
E: See Daddy runeeng? Go downstayr?
A: Sure, honey, just let me change your diaper.

A new game is to point at a house and yell HOUSE! This started because every day he asks "Whassat?" the entire way home. Its the same stuff every day; it's a house, a tree, car, truck or bus. On Monday I started yelling House! and pointing. He caught on and it was a very amusing ride home with each of us trying to out-HOUSE! the other one before exploding into laughter. I believe I heard a "siwwee mommy" more than once.

I could go on all day. They just don't make for very good posts. Cole, sorry to let you down. I'll try to be better about it, I promise.

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