Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Bathroom Story

For once I have a story about a bathroom that doesn't involve my 2 year old. It involves me.

I work in an office of about 20 ladies and as much as we'd like to think otherwise we all have to do our business sometimes. Recently, the building owners put in an air freshener (seriously, who builds bathrooms without ventilation??) that spurts out a lovely scent now and then.

Yesterday I was in there, only making a #1 mind you, and had just finished washing my hands. Reached over for a paper towel and PSSSSSSHSHT!!!

I jumped so high and even yelled a little bit. I was so very thankful that I had just gone because I'm pretty sure that would've made me pee my pants. And then I would've gotten yelled at for not "Keeping it in the Bowl." (Don't worry if you don't get that - my coworkers will.)

... Okay, so that is a lot funnier in person. Sorry 'bout that.

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