Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pajama Day - Generation II

My sister and I had this great "tradition" in high school and even her first year of college where we would roll out of bed and proudly declare It's Pajama Day!

The rules were simple - you didn't get out of your pj's. If something were to cause you to NEED to shower that day you simply showered and got into a new pair of pj's. No exceptions; nothing but pajamas.

This week, Elliot's daycare is celebrating children by having a different theme each day. I was never more excited than to see that today was to be Pajama Day. Yes, Jen, pajama day. It is a real thing that real people do - not just something we made up like your clubhouse in the attic or the parties on the 3rd block (No, I will never forget).

I got him dressed in a spiffy new pair of pj's and convinced him that his robe should be his coat. It was his idea to wear the firetruck "syippurs" too.

We happily headed to school this way - mommy and her little man who was only missing a newspaper and a coffee mug to instantly age 30 years.

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