Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sugar Buzz!

We met the Beatrice Morrisseys for dinner this week. (On Nate's birthday). Elliot's meal came with an ice cream. Elliot has historically not cared for ice cream due to the cold. However recently he has changed his mind and enjoyed quite a bit of the ice cream on this particular night. The result was a bed time sugar buzz that we decided to let him burn off instead of fighting him. He proceeded to have his own personal dance party which we were able to capture on film. Wow.


{B} said...

That boy can dance! Maybe you're letting him watch too much Travolta? He's a sweetheart...if we EVER find a day to get everyone together, I'll be sure and have ice cream....and 80's music for him! Love ya...Aunt B

Nicole said...

That was hilarious! Lucy LOVED it! She pointed, smiled, and laughed the entire time!

Erin, Kaitlyn and Henry said...

I like how he just jumps up on that crib like it is part of his routine. Funny. Kids dancing is hilarious.