Friday, April 3, 2009

Will Anna kick me off again?

Anna recently allowed me back on her blog, after having kicked me off a few months back. So I'll see if I can get myself kicked off again.

Last night we had Nate over for some play time with E-Train. I get so engrossed in watching the two boys play that I usually forget to take any pictures (This time I was able to get some videos). They have such different personalities but play so well its so fun to watch (I call them Bert and Ernie, I'll let you decide who is who). They are quickly turning into little boys and leaving their toddler days behind them, as rock throwing and stick fights were two of their favorite games.

On Wed. night a television show I had been watching all year featured what I (in my self anointed expert opinion) believe to be the most underrated Elton John. I am finding that few people even know this song (insert gasping noise).

Furthermore, I believe that Elton John has been almost marginalized in musical history due to the whimsical nature of some of his songs along with his flamboyant personality. People forget how brilliant the music he and Bernie Taupin made together truly is. And if you don't know who Bernie Taupin is you better have clicked the link.

Soooooooo, for your Friday afternoon boredom relief break, I present 5 minutes of Nate and Elliot accompanied by Sir Elton John. (I have likely been banned again by the time you read this post.)


{B} said...

Dear Anna...please do not kick Fred off the blog. This was the most refreshing 5 minutes of my week! Thanks to you both for the great work you do here...and for sharing the antics of Mr. E!

Anonymous said...

Fred, the name of this thing is
Seckmans Say What, Not Wencikers Say What. Spread your knowledge like head lice in 5th grade.

-That Guy

Anonymous said...

I So enjoyed this post! the video made my day - and these days thats kinda hard to do!

auntie D

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the Elton show in Vegas. Took Adam for his birthday last year and we both had a wonderful time.