Friday, June 26, 2009

My Name is...

Snarky McSnarkerson, not Slim Shady.

Pleased to meet you. And... join me, if you dare.

As of late, I've been swept up in a new attitude. One that is fun, entertaining and downright rude and unfriendly to outsiders. And - best part - I have a new partner in crime to be Super Snarky with. After all, snarking is really best done (and likely safest) in numbers.

What is a snark? According to some tool reviewing a book aptly titled Snark, it is a tone of teasing, snide, undermining abuse ... attempting to erase one's cool. He goes further to say that snarkers like to think they're witty but they're really just seething and snarling.

I must admit, it IS exhausting being so much better, cooler and witty than anyone else I know. It's an addiction that only feeds on more snark - NEED MORE SNARK - somewhat like the little 'brring-brring' noise that let's me know someone wants to Blackberry Messenger me. [Side Note: I picked the brring-brring noise as a constant reminder to Freddie Bill that I have YET to get a bell for my bicycle. I'm running people over left and right because I simply cannot warn them that I am coming in behind them.] I digress. Or do I snark? Well, that doesn't have as nice of a ring. But, again, I snark. Oh - ha - just caught that little pun there... you see, I wouldn't know what a ringing noise is since I don't have a bell to produce it.

Wow, I really did digress on that last bit. My point was that I'm addicted to being snarky much like I'm addicted to my Blackberry.

Now back to my original point. I'm snarky. You can take my snark and embrace it. Or you can take my snark and shove it. (That last part was to the tune of Take This Job and Shove It.) I am, though, a self-titled Part Time Snarker. I'd like to think I don't act like a total jerk ALL of the time.

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