Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mommy's Haircut Parlor

Before I became a Mommy, I started cutting Fred's hair. Thanks to having thick, poker-straight hair it has always been an easy chore for me... a 1 on the bottom and finger-width on top.

Got that?

Now add in 9 months of growing a baby and all of the forgetfulness that comes with it and what do you get? NO GUARD on the clipper and a crying pregnant lady shrieking "OhmiGawd I'm so sorry!"

Fred was calm and patient - and annoyed as all get out I am sure since I shaved this strip down the middle of his head - and promised me that everything was fine. No big deal. This way, he joked, he'd be more aerodynamic when running. That, and a heaping bowl of ice cream soothed my sorrows... but I have never forgotten about it. (In fact, it was almost a year before I was willing to cut his hair again.)

Fast forward about 2 1/2 years to tonight. Fred sits down and I swear I see a flicker of fear in his eye that dates back to "pregnant + clippers = BAD NEWS" but I forage on. After taking a look at the fabulous job I did, I was puffing out my feathers in my I am sooo awesome at haircuts kind of way and plopped Elliot down on Fred's lap and flipped on the clippers.

Whoops. And... oh shit. As Britney would say - I did it again.

Only this time I'm not pregnant and have no good excuse.

Silly Mommy.


Tina said...

That's okay, now you see more of his cute face :) AND... their hair grows so fast at this age! I cut G's pretty short on purpose and next thing I know, he's got his little rat-tail growing down his neck again!

Anonymous said...

So cute!! keep up the good work!!
Auntie D

Aunt Becky said...

I *hate* cutting hair and I have to do it and it sucks. I'm sorry, yo. He looks stinkin' adorable.