Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Neat and Tidy List: It Makes me ...

A huge smile and running hug from Elliot.
Dinner with everyone talking about their day.
Bananas in my oatmeal and pancakes for dinner.
Elliot finally using the potty at least once daily.

The lady that tried to run Elliot and I over this morning.
Wal-Mart. Even just the parking lot.
People that inadvertently say offensive things.
The 'are you sure no more kids?' question.

The book I'm reading... the chick's brain dead.
My sister and her family live too far away.
Knowing nothing I can do can 'fix' the one I love.
Some people are just rotten to the core.

Alzheimer's research continues.
Payday on the 15th lets me get a haircut and highlights.
Elliot just might be out of diapers at age 3.
Someday my dining room will not be carpeted.

No sales yet on Etsy, except to a person I know.
Being made to feel I'm not good enough for certain people.
A purchased product fails to meet expectations.
Nikki & Victor and Nick & Phyllis Newman.

Nate's sleeping over at our house soon.
I think I'm going to make Bella a fabulous fall coat.
Finishing my quilt - first one I've made for ME.

1 comment:

Jen Craun said...

I LOVE running hugs.

Maybe we should both move to central IL, and be neighbors? Or maybe somewhere more fabulous.

yay. LOVE getting a hair do. Good for you!

Alzheimer's research? For your book? cool...