Sunday, October 11, 2009

50, L, cincuenta

No matter how you say it - 50 is a big number. Especially when its the anniversary of two lovely people known to us as Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Judy. Their known to others as mom and dad, the Sears Store owners, Charles and Judith, Aunt Judy and Uncle Chuck, that Morrissey family - you name it, they've been called it.

Those two crazy kids got married 50 years ago this Saturday.

What else is celebrating their 50th Anniversary?
1. The Hovercraft
2. The first seamless aluminum beer can
3. Barbie
4. Space Monkey
5. Twilight Zone

For a variety of reasons, Chuck and Judy are my favorite thing (they're married, and that's a "thing" right?) celebrating 50 years in 2009. And, these other things didn't invite me to a party with cake so they pretty much suck anyway.

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