Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Grandpa Frank and Judy

Hi Grandpa Frank. Hi Judy.

I can call you that, right? You see, I'm just so busy that I can't take the time to add Grandma to your name. And now when I talk about you people ask my mom if that is her dad's "special friend" and she gets flustered and has to tell them no. I think its funny.

Thank you for coming from 'acago' (Chicago) in your car - no motocyca cause iss loud - and playing with me this weekend. I really liked when you read me the same book about firetrucks 347 times.

Did you know I like firetrucks? And firetruck guys? I was a firefighter for Halloween - Happy Twricker Twreat! - here, let me get dressed up for you again. Oh No! Kitty's on fire! I hafta go to da stashun!

Grandpa Frank, I call my mom a worm now. I think its funny; she just gives me a look. I never knew about tickle worms and how they always think it's Tickle Time. Now I know. And no, still not time. Also, the candies were yummy. I can't believe, though, that you actually made me work for them by telling you the color. I'll tell you whatever you want if you've got candy.

Judy, thanks for playing trains with me a lot this weekend - I think its fun to make trains wreck. I was so happy to see you at my school on Friday that I actually ran right past my mom and straight to you! Thanks for sitting in the backseat of Daddy's truck with me when we went shopping, I love having company.

I miss you guys already. Love, Elliot

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