Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Fancy Little Way for a House to Say HEY!

This fall, a sister of a friend of Fred's (follow that?) found me on facebook and questioned me a bit about creating an Etsy account since I have one. I answered her questions and finally asked - what are you making?

Door Art!

Door art is something kind of big here in Lincoln - but not sure how far this trend has reached. I have a small collection myself - a pair of mittens, a Christmas tree, an acorn and the original red flower that started it all. But now, thanks to P & J Peddlers, I have an "S" to adorn my door with.

A fraction of the price of the ones sold in fancy schmancy homey stores around here - and if you live in Lincoln she will work out a drop off to avoid shipping. Color me excited!! In fact, I came home and had it hanging up in less than 3 minutes. Then I went back to let Elliot out of the car...

Every time I pull in the driveway I think "Welcome Home, Seckmans!"

1 comment:

Jen Craun said...

looks great on your door, color-wise also!! and it curves around the peep hole so nicely!! :)