Monday, November 23, 2009

Keep Your Spirit to Yourself

While I do appreciate a good set of Christmas lights hung perfectly around the roof of a home, I do think there's something to be said for waiting until after Thanksgiving to start the festivities.

Some people will argue that October is simply better weather to be up on your roof clipping lights around the place. I get that. Turn them on to test them out. I get that. Turning them on every night since two days before Halloween? Uh... Hmm. (scratching head) Okaaay.

But they start selling the holiday gear in August (it gets earlier every year, right?) so I am compelled to buy it and get it set up!

First let's carve the pumpkins, then roast (or fry - yummy!) the turkeys, then put up the strands of lights. And repeat those three items like Dora the Explorer does: Pumpkins, Turkeys, Strands of Lights. Pumkins, Turkeys, Strands of Lights.

And -- perhaps a little tiny bit selfishly -- I am SICK TO DEATH of having to say "oh yeah!" "uh-huh!" "mm-hmm!" to Elliot every. time. he sees someones house is outfitted with 'Cwrissus Ylites.'

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virg_nelson said...

Two comments:
First-better than fried turkey is fried turkey wrapped in bacon. Just thought I would throw that out there.
Second-Have him count the lights. Okay, maybe that works better with three kids and it is a big competition to see who gets more while I listen to an IPOD...Er, listen to THEM, intently. Yeh... Happy Thanksgiving, Anna!