Saturday, December 26, 2009

Elliot's Christmas Insanity

Being trapped in the house by the Christmas blizzard weekend is starting to get to all of us. However, I think the combination of being inside for days and the excitement of Santa Claus has blown a fuse in poor Elliot. He has frantically alternated from one activity to another for most of the day, then while we were making dinner he began performing to himself. Using the reflection from the front of the dishwasher he serenaded himself with a song and dance routine that included an apparently new version of "Jingle Bells."

Elliot has made this one of my favorite Christmas seasons ever. He is so excited by every gift and completely in awe of Santa and his "reindeers". This is such a fun stage of his development and it really takes me back to being a kid again.

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{B} said...

That was fantastic! He's such a little sweetheart, and I think there's got to be a musical career in his future! You're right, makes you feel a little bit like a kid again, just watching him. I can just hear Grandpa Bill chuckling that low laugh of his at little E! Love ya all...Aunt B