Friday, December 18, 2009

Final Answer

I'm going to let Santa know that he doesn't need to wrap the presents he brings for anyone in our house. There's really no need to wrap up gifts fresh from the workshop and what if it snows on the package and the paper gets ruined? Couldn't he potentially get the presents to the wrong people if they're all wrapped up? Tags fall off, you know, and Fred would probably die if Elliot got Barbie's Corvette.

Further, to give ample space in which to lodge the various presents, we will be opening non-Santa gifts on Christmas Eve. (Secretly, I've just always wanted to do this so now that I am THE MOM I get to make this decision and write it off as a new family tradition!)

I am considering adding more traditions like Fred grilling Christmas dinner, caroling around our cul de sac and having Christmas, Round II on New Years Day on which everyone will present ME with lovely gifts from expensive stores and boutiques. I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that I'll be completely overruled on these.

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