Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wee Wisdom

In the airport...
E: Look, a guy in a hat! Whass he do?
A: That guy? Oh, he's a pilot.
E: Pirate?
A: Pi-Lot. He flies the airplane.
E: Oh. Pirate. Yeah.
A: Are you trying to get us arrested?

Before bed last night...
A: Okay - time for bed, should we sing a song?
E: No, less talk a little bit.
A: You want to talk?
E: Yeah.
A: Okay, about what? What should we talk about?
E: Grandpas.
E: An pancakes. Grandpas an pancakes.

At Epcot, waiting for Illuminations...
F: Elliot, are you ready for the fireworks?
A: They're going to be really neat.
E: Less go! Less eat Fiewerks!
F & A: Oh no, honey, not the restaurant.
E: (Whining) I hungee, go Fiewerks!
E: (Lip out, pouting and fake crying.) Fiewerks.
A to F: I'm pretty sure this makes us bad parents.

Descending into Atlanta to change planes...
E: Where we going?
A: Atlanta. It's in Georgia.
E: An then anudder aihplane?
A: Yep.
E: To Brakska (Nebraska)?
A: Yep.
E: Goooo Biiiiiig Lanta!

On another note, our picture pages have been updated.

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