Friday, February 26, 2010

Hitchin' a Ride (or at least trying to)

I want to go to Cleveland and wish my sister Happy 33rd Birthday in person. I want to sing a very mouth-full-of-marble-y and off-key rendition of Happy Birthday to her and make her laugh about it (and at it) until she cries.

We could shop or eat or just hang out and talk about being what we used to think was ancient. In our 30s. Thirties, married, kid(s), houses, cars and jobs - oy, we're the 'grown ups' we never wanted to become.

Can't remember the last time we have seen each other on our actual birthdays... so if you're headed that way -- and wouldn't mind swinging through Nebraska to pick me up -- I'd appreciate it. I'll pay for gas. AND try not to have any. Well, not too much anyway.

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Jen Craun said...

thanks Anna!! i certainly have the poorest memory, but I wonder if it is when we celebrated your birthday at Malley's -- the one with the carousel! How many years ago was that?!!