Friday, June 25, 2010

Anna, Introspected

It's been kind of quiet here on the Bloggity Blog lately, as compared to previous weeks and/or months. As I've been saying for the last while, things are changing. Everything. Anything. Nothing.

Elliot's changing into a bratty three year old that lives to defy his mother, his father, gravity and himself. And unless you want to hear me continually rant about him and then gush about the sweetest little thing he does that makes the rant disappear, then I haven't much to say.

Fred's chugging along. He took charge of the house-buying-ordeal and has a few projects left up his sleeve. Other than that, he's obsessing over Lance, trying to plan marathon vacations, thinking about brewing some new-home beer and wearing shirts and ties 4 days a week. (Can I get a holla out there for Casual Friday?)

Me? Well I'm the same. I wish I would ride my bike more, garden or not weigh 400 pounds. I'd like to spend all day with Elliot but somehow bring in my income and have him at his fabulous preschool. I want my work environment to improve. I want to sew and quilt and actually feel like my time and effort are worth something instead of an Etsy store doing very-little-to-no business. I wish I could cry during Toy Story 3 like everyone else I know.

Depressing, right?

This has sort of put me at a loss when it comes to blogging.

I put my thumb on it yesterday.

I read some comments of another blog and one said "Who Cares?" to which the blogger responded with "No one, but me. It's my blog."

And it made me stop and think.
THIS is my blog. (and sometimes Fred's)
I can write about whatever I want whenever I want.

And, most importantly, I need not care if other people will care what I write about.

Therefore, I think it's time for a little more change. I'm certainly not going to purposely offend anyone or anything but I am no longer going to care what my invisible audience thinks. If you want to read, you will. If you don't, you won't. But I have to get back to myself. It might be funny, serious, or a look into my craftier side - who knows. It might be shocking things you never knew about me like... well... surely I have something shocking I can dig up.

I hope you enjoy the ride; I'm looking forward to it already.


{B} said...

I"m looking forward to the shocking stuff!

Jen Craun said...

YAY!! The unabashed + outspoken Anna, can't wait!!