Friday, July 2, 2010

From Hurt to Healing ... and, Eventually Healed

It's been a week of work for me. A week that I sincerely hope creates personal growth, similar to what Jen is talking about today. (I suppose I should thank Dave for that insight.)

The parts and parcels making up my week were difficult and trying but somehow I waded through it with my head barely above water. The talking. The ignoring. The scolding. The mistrust. The uncertainty. The disappointment. The contemplating. The rejection. The hurt. The confusion.

And, the understanding: I fit perfectly into the shoe but the shoe's box is tattered, worn and in need of repair. Repair that I, alone, cannot provide.

This week requires reflection on my part and what better place than at the new Morrissey Compound in Missouri - surrounded by family and away from others - where no one expects anything from me but to relax, get a sun burn, eat entirely too much food and maybe crane my neck up to see a firework or two.

I will thank my perfect husband for being who he is. For listening, for answering, for consoling and loving me unconditionally. And I will thank my precious son for being who he is. For the random fly-by hugs, the "special" kisses and saying "I love you Mommy" without prompt.

I will slip off my shoes.
I will relax.
And, I will grow.


Jen Craun said...

how was your weekend?? Sounds relaxing!!

Aunt Becky said...

I hope much growth happens for the both of us. Sending you love.