Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Science of Babies: 3 Year Old Version

It’s the season for babies in the Seckman world: friends Stacey and Justin are expecting their second, friends Mary Kate and Josh are expecting their second and Fred’s sister Steph is expecting her first.

Elliot asked questions. Why she have a baby? Where is the baby?

Fred: Do you know where babies come from?
Anna: Jesus Christ, Fred, he’s 3! (Sorry, Auntie D)

Fred rolled his eyes.

Elliot: Where the baby comed from?
Fred: Mommies grow the baby in their tummy.

Eye roll deserved, and accepted.

Elliot: No. You just trickin’!
Fred and Anna: No, really, babies grow in the mommy’s tummy.

He takes some time to think about this, glancing at each of us to make sure we’re not smiling. Up until this moment he was pretty sure that only food went in your tummy, followed closely by the Hungry Patter (read: The Hungry Caterpillar) who eats up the food and makes poop. What? Like your kid never came up with ridiculous ideas that are too amusing to correct?

Fred: Remember Kael’s mommy? She has a baby in her tummy.
Anna: And Aunt Steph has a baby in her tummy.
Elliot: I got a baby in MY tummy!
Anna: What?
Elliot: I got a baby in MY tummy. Iss JuniorAmanda!

Later we’re hanging out at the kitchen table and Elliot climbs up on his knees on a chair and starts pounding his body up against the table. After a few minutes I ask him what he’s doing. His response?

Getting’ the baby out.

I think we’ll be having another “talk” about this someday.

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