Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When NOT Sharing is Actually Caring

I don't like to share.  Never have.
I blame my brother for this personality trait (read: flaw).

Little baby Dan was brought into the world exactly one year and one day after me and, I think, he pushed his way out weeks early because he was so jealous of my awesomeness and wanted to ride my coattails for life. And from day one, I've been shooing him off of said coattails and out of my way.

But he never listened.

Instead, I was forced to share birthday parties with him. 

Wah for baby Dan, let him open his presents on Anna's birthday because he'll be so sad.  Why don't we just give him Anna's birthday all together?  She doesn't need one at all!  Dan, you have TWO BIRTHDAYS now!  Congrats to you!  Anna who?  What?

I'm positive that's how it went.

Baby Dan turns 32 today.  Thankfully, we live many states a part so that there is NO CHANCE that I have to share my party with him now.  HA, SUCKA.

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