Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughts on Life

My life hasn't been perfect these last 3 weeks as I've had 2.5 rounds of a stomach virus and my pleas of death have fallen on deaf ears.  And as I comically ask for my own demise, I have been - instead - reminded of just how fragile life truly is.

I visited a friend in the hospital last night who was there to have a "quick procedure" following a miscarriage.  While rooting around they found a bunch of other problems that, after being taken care of during a then-extended surgery, most likely saved her life. 

To think that these problems were completely unknown blows my mind.  But to know that had she carried the baby to term all of her symptoms would likely have been brushed off as some of those weird things pregnancy does to a body.  I cannot imagine what feelings she is struggling with right now - knowing that her baby is gone but that she is (and will be) still here.

In my crafty world, I'm working on some t-shirt quilts for a family that lost their dad unexpectedly.  Each kid picked out the shirts that most reminded them of their dad and I have been tasked with building a quilt to hold these memories. 

I don't know this family personally but do know how difficult it has been for me to construct the quilt knowing that I am working with a man's entire life laid out in the shirts he owned; I can't imagine how hard it was for them to pick through and only select a certain number.  What I asked of them now seems entirely impossible.

Life is just that - life.  A collection of beings moving in and out of each others' lives each each day someone new is added and someone old is taken.  It's kind of a lot to grasp.

To say my empathy is in overdrive this week is an understatement.

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