Monday, May 2, 2011

What I Was Doing Before I Tried to Die

My sister has a little more craftiness in her than she lets on - this completely justified by the darling napkins she sent me last week sewn with designer fabrics and hand embroidered.  A set of 5, I now have a napkin for each day of the work week so that my packed lunches are just a bit brighter.  [Her post on the napkins, here.]

It reminded me instantly of napkins I'd get from my mom in the elementary years.  Just a little something doodled on the corner - a quick way for my mom to tell me she loves me without having to be mortally embarrassed in front of all my friends.

Feeling much too snooty to carry around nice napkins stuffed in paper bags with my plastic-wrapped sandwich, I took to the Internets to find a lunch bag tutorial; via Sew, Mama, Sew, I found a quick and easy tute from The Long Thread here.  I picked up a few coordinating pieces of fabric and by the end of Friday night, this little beauty was created to go with my darling napkins:

I took pictures on Saturday before I tried to die but haven't been among the living long enough yet to get them posted.  So, tomorrow - my first day back among the living - I not only am posting pictures (hooray!) but I packed myself a sweet little lunch and tucked the Tuesday napkin in on top. 

It's sure to be the best tasting sandwich and chips I've had in years.


Love, The Roach House said...

Uh, love that!

Jen Craun said...

YAY!! And YUM!!! I LOVE THE BAG!!! SO pretty, but simple also!!
YIP! Yip! Yippee!