Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mouth of Babes or Whatever-the-F&@#

I was getting dressed this morning and my 4 year old gasped, exclaiming OH MY GOSH your underwear is like thiiiis big! with outstretched arms to show me just how big.


How'd your day start?


S said...

I'm sorry that's how your day began.
You're not alone, though. Just last weekend my dearest son proclaimed that my teeth "are yellow!" for all around to hear. Pay no mind that I had just finished eating Cheetos.
If I wasn't responsible for his WELL-being, oh the stink eye I would've given him.....

Jen Craun said...

aren't kids total jerks sometimes?! :) Belle is always announcing my bad breath.

we picked berries this morning. Feeling stir-crazy by 9am is never good.

Mary said...

I like when my daughter says, in a tone of marvel and admiration: "Mommy, you already had seconds and we're not even done!"

B**ch, please. But I just smile and grit my teeth and stop eating.

Stephanne said...

Well... at least he didn't mistake them for a t-shirt, as mine once did. Talk about OUCH.

Hope your day's lookin' up!