Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey Waiter!

Hey Dad -

Remember how this weekend we were talking about how gross flies are because they puke on you every time they land on you? 

Well, I found a large, dead fly in my iced tea last night at a local eatery.  Not only did he likely puke all over the ice in my glass but he died there too and filled my cup with carcass germs.  I found him after I had already drank some of my tea.  I still throw up a little in my mouth when I think about it.

And?  The manager only comped my tea.

I hope your night was better.



Yo-yo Mama said...


I blew a bubble in my bubblegum and a fly stuck to it. But I didn't realize it until my gum suddenly was "crunchy".

Kaitlyn said...

Puke. I am very jealous and envious that you can blog to your Dad about gross things like this. I miss my Dad but am glad that you can blog to your Dad about nasty stuff only Dad's can understand. :_ see you tomorrow.

Jen Craun said...

that is so terrible.
hope it wasn't Lazlo's -- it'd be impossible for me to go back. I might also give up iced tea for a while. YUCK.

virg_nelson said...

I drank moldy tea... My kids really love me... *sigh*

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