Friday, January 13, 2012

The Impending Birthday Blues

Get ready to console Fred Seckman, ladies and gentlemen because he has officially asked for a completely unaffordable birthday gift.  (Well, in our current financial position since we ain't no lotto winners. And, considering we're in the market for an entirely new furnace/pump system.)

I assume he's tired of the old socks-and-undies routine based on the numbers of items he was able to rattle off in a matter of seconds.  But it was the last one that stopped me in my tracks.

Whoa, Fred Seckman, just who do you think we are?  Did you get some astronomical raise I don't know about? Did YOU win the lottery?  Did you cash out our retirement accounts?  Cause, whoa, man.  Whoa.

What did he want?  An all expense paid trip to Wrigley Field for Opening Day for him and 10 friends.

I did some quick math on the basics:
  • Tickets to the game - $50 each x 11 people:  $550.00
  • They'll have to take 3 cars - 533 miles each way / 22mpg x $3.20 for gas x 3 vehicles:  $232.58
  • Gas station snacks and Mountain Dews - $4 each x 11 people x 4 stops: $176.00
  • Fast food meals - $10 each x 11 people x 4 times:  $440.00
  • Hotel stay for 2 nights w/ 2 per room - $210 x 6 rooms x 2 nights:  $2,520.00
  • Fancy breakfast at hotel - $18 each x 11 people:  $198.00
  • Then they'll eat at Harry Carays downtown - $45 times 11 people: $495.00
  • They'll obviously need beer and snacks at the game - $20 times 11 people: $220.00
  • Souvenirs at the game and new hats - $35 each:  $385.00
... and it comes up to about eleventy billion dollars, or $5,216.58.  Note:  This figure doesn't include any speeding tickets, toll fees or the bail I'll have to post when he runs on the field naked and gets arrested.


{B} said...

But Anna...I'd pay my own way and spring for a Happy Meal for Fred! Go Cubs! Make his wish come true!

Anonymous said...

its good to have a dream ~
Auntie D

Jen Craun said...

OH MY! I love all your math...

Cindy said...

yep, eleventy billion. and that doesn't include any nice souvenirs to bring home for his lovely wife. wow said...

a Frank Gore Elite Jersey soon. out did themselves agian. Great Job Nike!