Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cards - Or the Complete Lack Of...

For the last few years, I have had good intentions of sending Christmas cards but somehow manage to not get any out. It's becoming apparent this year - we haven't received very many cards - we're being cycled off of people's lists for a lack of response.

Normally it follows the same pattern - mid November it crosses my mind and I begin to think of ideas of how I could sew a nifty, crafty card or how I could turn white buttons into a snowman... Then I realize I am not Jen. Early December rolls in and I look in stores for 'not your average' cards. Mid December hits and I give up because all the good ones are taken. Cards roll in, I feel terrible and the cycle begins again 11 months later.

This year I had high expectations mixed with frustration. I didn't want to do the same ole picture card as everyone else, I didn't have time to get crafty and neither Hallmark or Super Target had cards I liked. Well... I don't have anything. Nothing. So I'm giving up. Yes, again. Quitter with a capital Q.

We need to get back on the card lists to clear our tarnished reputation! My next chance for redemption? Valentine's Day. I should bring back the Valentine and send everyone on our list a 'Be Mine' instead! I can sew some red hearts onto pink paper! I can glue doilies on postcards! I can surely find some at Hallmark?

Don't give up on us yet. But, don't be surprised if there's a blog posted around February 11 talking about sending an Easter card.

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