Monday, January 28, 2008

The Longest, Shortest Year of My Life

It sounds funny, but it's true - this has been the longest, shortest year of my life. Elliot turned 1 last Thursday and we had his cowboy birthday party Saturday. There were weeks that I never thought would end yet I can't believe it's already been a year.

We've come a long way (baby).... Born early and lovingly nicknamed Billy Rubins, he started out rough with numerous doctor visits, expensive formula to get the poop-train rolling along, reflux and a 3-day stay at a luxurious, all-inclusive resort (AKA Bryan East) for RSV, Pneumonia and an Ear Infection. All before he was 4 months old.

Our champ is now a mover and a shaker. Within the last month or so, he's learned to crawl, cruise and feed himself. Even better - within the last two weeks he's gotten over both the reflux and the milk intolerance! We're off the meds and transitioning to whole milk right now. He's an entirely different kid - and this guy's a hoot. (And it feels like we've hit the lotto since we don't have to fork out anymore for his stuff!)

Jen & family were here this weekend for his party and I think he learned a lot from Nathaniel and Isabella. He's louder, has more noises, crawls on the couch, crawls over top of obstacles and has maybe come to a realization that sippy cups are not the enemy. All of the kiddos learned the love of Valentino's pizza as well.

I will post pictures to flickr soon, I promise. The problem is that we have a huge memory stick in there so I have to have the patience to weed through 342 pictures to find the cutest ones good enough for the world to see. Can't that be hired out?

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