Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Container Gardening 101

Cindy, Judy and I took a container gardening class through SCC last Saturday. I think this lady is a few sandwiches short if you know what I mean.

We started at SCC learning that her way is the ONLY way when it comes to using and planting in containers. The second half of the day was at her house, eyeing a great variety of plants that she kept rearranging to show us how to plant a great container. Great colors, sizes - things I've never seen before.

We each paid $18 for the class, paid another $10 for supplies that day and brought our own pot. On the way home, I broke the ice by asking "Does anyone else feel like we just got screwed?" Our class instructor sent us each home with dirt in our pot and a stick. A stick. A cutting from a pussy willow in her own backyard, to be exact.

It felt a lot like buying a $28 reference book that I can't reference. I'm going to call the nursery to make sure she returned the plants we just bought her.

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