Thursday, May 8, 2008

Coming Soon to a Highway Near You!

If you see Elliot on the side of Highway 2 one of these days, know that I have had my fill of his temper tantrums. He's in full swing these days - flailing, kicking, head-butting all while screaming and crying.

This morning I was seriously tempted to take him for a "long drive in the country" like some folks do when it's time to oust a not-so-loved family pet. I decided, though, that if I dropped him off on the Highway that he'd have a better chance of some family picking him up. Then he can scream at them for a while.

I love him.. don't get me wrong. But, boy he's really testing my patience lately. Not old enough to understand a time out and too fresh off an ear infection (3 days ago) to completely ignore him.

So if we don't answer our phones it's because we forgot to take our ear plugs out. And if you drive through our 'hood and hear screaming - either come take him from us for a while or keep on driving.

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